Sunday, July 6, 2014

I am slowly losing my mind & patient.
Making matter worst, I haven't been sleeping well since the opening, almost a month ago.
Sure, we're doing quite alright, but I'm just WAY too tired. Too tired to utter a single word, just exhausted, my whole body ached.

And then this.

While I love what I do, dealing with people every day can be very demanding and a pain. Sure, there are bunches that are nice and so on (God bless them for their kindness), however the bads are just as equivalent.

It's mind boggling how people can be so utterly selfish, un-mannered, rude etc.

I constantly remind myself to step aside when it's too much, take a breather, and do not dwell on the negative but instead look at the bright side.

It's hard to maintain your composure, to hold on to your values, but do not be discouraged. Don't let anyone brings you down.

Here's to another week.
Take care and spread love.