Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life's update

The past couple of days has been hectic.

Returned home for a couple days, got a few things done and I'm off again.

Feeling bittersweet. 

2014.. I knew it'd be.. extraordinary. 

Pushing myself beyond the limits, expecting the unexpected, taking chances & risks, for actions speaks louder than words & growing up per se. For that, I do not know what I'm getting myself to,  most of the time I'm just lost. Everything is more or less uncertainties, and it worries me. 

Lately I've also been extremely emotional, pressured & stressed. I kept remaining myself that STRESS is no biggie, it's just desserts spelled backward, lol. I really need to keep myself more in check, sobs a little less often, for it is very irritating even for myself. 

Physically, my weight has been at is highest, fml. I've stopped all form of physically activities like gym, hiking, walks, run, you name it. Eager to get back, though I've been saying that forever, sigh. Help me.

Boarding in an hour. Update soon.