Friday, May 23, 2014

Different continent

Good morning.

Well, the weather has been depressing again.

Now I'm a bit confused as what exactly is Spring?
Perhaps the season here works a little bit different than say, New Zealand.

Aren't Spring supposed to be all flowery, maxi dresses and pastel colored everything, but gah, it's been raining, oh no, not heavily thank God, just tiny drops of rain, and the clouds are all dark and gloomy, much to my dismay =(.

See, when I first step foot to Ireland, a zillion went through my head. In short, the European nation is very different from New Zealand/Australia. The body proportion (size and height), the facial features, foods, and behaviour.

Culturally, in my point of view though, it's pretty much the same, in a drinking sense at least, hah.

Here, for you to gloat.

Still the view is just magnificently beautiful.

But you know what they say, nothing beats New Zealand! I love that place, I'm generally calmer, at ease and in peace whenever I'm there. I'm surrounded by beautiful friends, I loved their foods which really just translate to grease, salt and sugar, I know the ins and outs (which I probably am bullshitting), NZ is ahh, just the place to be.

But hey, here is just equally nice. *roll eyes* #blessedwonderfulday