Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So much that I wanted to share. But everytime I stared at the screen, I tend to come up with nonsense and call it a day.

Not updating for the sake of an update, just couldn't or that I'm not delivering what really is on my mind.

For example, I think it's quite silly how we often appreciate someone or something a little more when they're not within reach.

I no longer check social media as often as I used to. I have also limit myself on watching telly. Shows that I once addicted to, even if I do have the time, I'd stay away.

I still catch football occasionally when I can though. Very excited for the World Cup. At this instant, I wish so much that I'd be able to catch it with Spiderman for once, and my brother(s).

I was saying, social media, yes. Every time I logged in every now and then, sometimes days, I'd checked messages from friends (if any) and one from my brother. He's such a precious guy, I mean I would not forget one particular message that he sent me during my struggling days at M.

We had a big issue and how I was running around at the production floor like a maniac. I was almost in tears (which I usually am, how embarrassing), imagine my hair terbang sana sini, so serabut like Einstein, I looked like a mad women with pimples sini sana (argh!), but who cares really.

I was saying, my brother, being him, one of the most un-selfish person I've ever met, texted me and asked where was I and if I needed any help. I remembered telling him I've got mountains to moved still, and that I'm going to be late and possibly (again) will miss my shuttle.

His reply?

I'll help you, even if we have to go through shit loads, because you're my sister.

That instant, everything seems worthwhile.

I like how I know (perasan) exactly what he's thinking and that I perasan-ly thinks I can finish his sentence. Just seeing him running around like a maniac himself shed laughter to my face, because knowing that I'm not alone and that we're on the same boat, makes me feel safe, in a way.

Now that I'm no longer there and knowing today that he still have shit loads to do, makes me feel, angry even. I paced around the room, looking for something that'd cheer him up. Knowing him, that something would have to be food or possibly tickets to Old Trafford. He really is just that. Simple.

Brother, you're not only humble, you're kind, polite, down to earth, and I like how you'd sometimes asked me silly questions, I like that you asked, you're very cute in doing so too!, you're just too precious and one of a kind, surely one to keep.


PS. Post has been exaggerated for that dramatic kind of effect.