Thursday, May 22, 2014

Biological clock, maybe

My schedule, or more like biological setting (?) these days (after returning from the trip) is something like this.

I get up around 4am, and I went to bed at around 7pm.

That is super awesome man.

And I have absolutely no intention on getting back to the norm hours.

I love waking up early and bright in the morning, and yea, going to bed early has been my unachievable goal for many years now, -_- so this is just perfect as perfect can be.

However though, yesterday I downloaded this apps that makes silly videos and well, I spent hours making fun of obviously, myself and some friends.

Here's me playing footy with Giroud, whooohoo. He cheated by the way.

xx so the video doesn't work :( xx
It's 7 in the morn. Have a lovely day and may the joke brighten your day.
Oh, you don't think it's funny? Fine.